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Why Boparai?


In business taking calculated risks will sometimes give you a competitive edge.

But the same rule does not apply to choosing your security provider.

The difference in choosing us over our competition is we completely tailor our range of services to meet your individualistic needs. This flexible approach has always allowed us to revise a service protocol, if necessary, even after it has been put in place, thereby guaranteeing the most effective security service for your business or home establishment.

In addition…

  • Our managers are available 24/7
  • Our cost structure is competitive, and our training is second to none
  • As a trusted and dependable security service, Boparai offers solutions that are specially customized to meet the safety needs of our customers
  • We have professional security systems and protocols in place that enable us to render a quick and prompt service at a short notice in case of a crisis
  • We do minimum four surprise checks in the night to keep our guards alert, active and attentive.
  • We conduct “Confidential Checks” of our client’s premises through our Vigilance team to pre-empt any untoward incident
  • Our control room at H.O. Mumbai is manned round the clock, all 365 days of the year.
  • Our staff and field officers come armed with mobile phones to ensure you can personally reach out to them, any time of the day or night.

We invite you to contact us with any queries, doubts or questions related to our service. We’ll be happy to take you on site visits to places we serve to give you a real-life demonstration of the work we do, so you can actually differentiate us by the quality of our service.